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white dots - healthy customers
black dots - waitresses
grey squares - tables
red dots or outlines - infected

approx. bar width (in feet):
approx. bar height (in feet):
initial capacity:
max capacity: 126
local infection rate: %
you can look up state-by-state numbers, listed at the Johns Hopkins site

Covid-19 statistics:
By and large, these are according to the CDC [This was auto-updated over the summer of 2020, but now this is a "saapshot".).

For the infection rate, by default, we are using the US average. But keep in mind, this varies widely from state to state. In most cities is rising.

Technically, it is not possible to determine the precise odds a person infected might wind up hospitalized or die. Theoretically, that rate should not vary with location. However, this number does depend on the quality of healthcare.

Of course, there are also problems just "on paper". we have no way to know how many a-symptomatic people (who see no reason to be tested) there are. In many places (even in the US), the number of deaths occur much faster than can be counted.

Nonetheless, 4.6% has remained fairly steady in the US for months, so this will be what we use here.

Calculating bar profits:
Though there certainly is no precise way to predict these things. By comparing the popular bar-biz-advice sites on the web, we can get a useful estimate of the range. We are then giving this bar the most optomistic best in every statistic.

Importantly, the profitability does not subtract for taxes or rent (both charged whether open or not).

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