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I'm trying to figure out, why exactly this site exists? That has lead to something you might wanna know about me, might even be helpful to you?

Mostly, this site is for folks who don't know me at all. No guessing how folks might end up using this stuff? But if you poke around, you might notice there isn't really much personal info here. You might not even be able to figure out my full name. Why? It's just not important.

If you do know me well, I apologize. I'm not trying to impress you with this stuff. but keep reading and I'll explain...

Possibly there are folks (I suspect everyone) who have some big obstacle in life. Something they feel is holding them back from whatever they aspire to.

As for me, I am deaf (neurofibrometosis 2, the elephant man had NF1). Completely so, since before 2000. Folks might assume that's an awful obstacle? It can be, but anything can if you let it. It's also (for me personally) the luckiest break I could never have guessed. The inspiration (fun challenges!) it throws at me is the best!

So for anyone who thinks their problems are too big and/or scary, I'm here to disprove your theory.

If that's you, jeep reading.

Sure, there are obstacles, but you can always figure them out. Sometimes you need a radical shift of perspective. And sure, it might take a few tries to figure out how to get things working. But not like there's any deadline or anything, though. So just have fun messing things up.

I've always thought Django was the greatest guitarist ever. Later discovered he only had two working fingers on his left hand. But somehow he figured it out.

Those arpeggios (since he couldn't play chords much) ended up being the style that made him famous. His "disability" was actually an unpredictable lucky break! Otherwise, he'd have been good, but surely soon forgotten.

Use what you got to get just what you want. James Brown said it.

I found that by trying to play jazz transcriptions on an arch-top (guitar), I can feel the vibrations and my finger muscles trigger the sounds in my head (Hebbian associations built up since childhood).

It's not exactly "listening" to the album, but it's just as wonderful! It's just a different thing.)

One key is to stop comparing things in life to what you expect or have grown used to. It won't help your mood (which neurologically will limit your ability to notice options) to keep dwelling. Dwelling on how you need to adjust to life being "worse". Take advantage of the fresh new outlook luck secretly handed you.

Hope that's helpful to somebody out there!


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